Ⅰ. Introduction to OpenAVL SDK for Mobile

Just as engine is the most important power plant in cars and airplanes. Likewise, anti-virus engine is the core link in security products. OpenAVL SDK for Mobile has always been dedicating to providing for various security products or service with anti-virus solutions free of charge. By using integrated with OpenAVL SDK for Mobile, you can immediately get the capabilities leading the world in the field of anti-virus detecting and elimination.

Main features of OpenAVL SDK for Mobile include:

  • Based on the lightweight transformation and optimization of AVL anti-virus engine which won the annual award in AV-TEST in 2013, OpenAVL SDK provides the capability of detecting and eliminating the latest malicious mobile code.
  • With the free mobile security solutions with no commercial cost, developers have no need to maintain the support system of any malicious mobile code. Instead, they can easily obtain the continuous support of profile update through the interface provided directly by the OpenAVL SDK.
  • With the support of rapid and effective integration solutions, the presentation of directly standardized results, updates and other UI interfaces, developers have no need to conduct in-depth integration and development of the interface. Moreover, the function of supporting custom scanning interface provides the developers' APP with the largest integration flexibility as well as the largest support of product integration.

For more details, please refer to"OpenAVL SDK for Mobile Anti-virus Engine Product White Paper".

Ⅱ. OpenAVL SDK for Mobile Using Process

Register an account, perfect basic personal information and upload applications

After approval, you will obtain OpenAVL SDK development kit and APP Key

Integrating and testing

Experience the OpenAVL now

Ⅲ. Specifications of Detailed Work flows

1. Register an Account

Enter the official website http://open.avlyun.com/, then click the Register button, follow the instructions to register an OpenAVL account.

2. Sign in

According to the instructions, enter the account information you have registered, and sign in developer page.

3. Fill in the Basic Information

After a successful login, please fill in the real personal information in order to make sure the embedding of APP anti-virus engine in the future to go on smoothly.

4. Create / Add Applications

Please upload APK that is be embedded to OpenAVL SDK, we will conduct a review.

5. Review

Approval: AVL Team Customer Service will inform you that you pass the review through telephone, QQ, or E-mail.

6. Receive the Development Kit of OpenAVL SDK through Email

The SDK development kit includes all developed materials, technical support documents, and APP Key.

7. Integrating and Testing

The following documents provides you with a comprehensive technical guidance during the process of integration and test:

"Guidance to OpenAVL SDK anti-virus Engine Integration"

"Guidance to OpenAVL SDK ant-virus Engine integrating & Testing"

We recommend that you use real test.

After the test, please fill in the "OpenAVL SDK integrated anti-virus engine test report" and send a document message to openavl@antiy.com

8. Get Formal APP Key

After successful integrating and testing of APP, we will offer you formal APP Key.

9. Integration Finished

Now, you have completed all the operation, you can sign in the back-end interface of developers to view all the data that APP users use anti-virus function.

Ⅳ. Q&A

If you have any questions while using OpenAVL, please refer to "FAQ about OpenAVL SDK Anti-virus Engine".

If the FAQ does not solve your problem, please contact AVL Support Team:

Telephone: 0086-02787668769

Email: openavl@antiy.com